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Alright Women's Diabetic and Ortho Care Soft MCP Slipper AW 312

Alright Women's Diabetic and Ortho Care Soft MCP Slipper AW 312

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Alright Women's Diabetic and Ortho Care Soft  MCP Slipper AW 314  Provide Better grip and comfort for the diabetic foot. This Product is specially made for Diabetic feet and orthopedic feet. Ensure a better lifetime its made up of Synthetic material. 
  • General Foot Pain & Discomfort
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • MCP Micro Cellular Polymer Foot Bed for Foot Care
  • Ideal for Swelling Foot
  • Ergonomic Design for Better Posture
  • Premium Quality Skin Friendly Materials
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Hard Rubber Sole to Product Your Feet

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