Foot Impression Foam Box for Custom Made Footwear And Insole

Order a Foam Box for custom footwear or a custom insole. Follow the step-by-step instructions for ordering a Foam Box for your custom product.

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Advanced 3D Foot Scanning

Visit our store for an in-depth 3D scan of your feet, tailored for those seeking state-of-the-art technology for individualized footwear.

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Custom Milled Insoles

Individually crafted for optimal comfort, our custom milled insoles provide tailored support for your unique foot shape.


  • Correct alignment issues
  • Prevent Injuries
  • Control foot function
  • Improve the function of the lower limbs
  • Reduce muscle strain by shifting the body's weight
  • Correct gait to achieve balance in the feet as well as throughout the body
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Recommended by

Dr. Sakthi Sridevi

As a Senior Consultant Physiotherapist with 12 years' experience, I often recommend HappyWalk's orthopedic and customized footwear, and orthotics to patients with foot issues. This has consistently helped them find relief from their pain effectively.

What Our Customers Say

Uncover the real stories behind our success, revealing how our solutions have made a difference in their lives.

  • Vasanthakumari
    I have wide feet and toe deformities, making it hard to find shoes that fit comfortably. Ready-made footwear never seemed to work for me. That's when I found HappyWalk. They provided me with extra-wide footwear that perfectly accommodated my feet, relieving all the pain. Finally, I can walk around comfortably without any discomfort.
  • Dr. Kutty
    HappyWalk's top-quality, comfortable footwear helped ease my Achilles tendinitis pain, providing much-needed relief and comfort.
  • Anas
    After a bad accident a year ago, one of my legs was badly hurt, and part of my foot had to be removed. I looked everywhere for the right shoes to help me heal faster. That's when I found HappyWalk. The doctor there checked me out and suggested special 3D custom-made shoes for quicker recovery. They scanned my foot and gave me shoes to help me walk better and heal my wound. Thanks to HappyWalk, I'm feeling better and getting back on my feet.
  • Kannan
    I am a diabetic patient with Charcot foot and severe diabetic foot ulcers. I went to HappyWalk, and they first analyzed me thoroughly and provided accommodative footwear to restore foot balance and aid in the fast recovery of the wound. It worked exceptionally well. My wound was completely cured, and now I can walk with confidence.
  • Mathivanan
    Dealing with diabetic foot issues was tough, but finding HappyWalk was a game-changer! Their team understood my needs perfectly and recommended specialized diabetic footwear. The process was smooth, from measurements to getting the right fit. Thanks to their expert guidance, my foot ulcers healed faster than I expected. Now, I walk confidently, knowing I have the support I need. HappyWalk is definitely the go-to for anyone needing custom footwear solutions!