Custom Footwear

Buy Custom Made Footwear

At Happywalk, you can order custom footwear 🥾🥿 designed specifically for your unique feet 🦶🦶. We take into account any specific medical or orthopedic needs you may have, and offer a range of options including slippers 🥿, sandals 🥿, and insoles.

Full Customization


Full customization involves taking detailed measurements of your feet 🦶 and creating a mold or template based on these measurements, using high-quality materials such as leather, synthetic materials, and foam. In this process we use computerized manufacturing, handcrafted upper, or sometimes even complete hand make the footwear.

  1. Take Photos as instructed in the diagnose form.
  2. Free doctor consult from our certified Podiatrist & Orthopedist.
  3. Select a base model, color for the build and complete payment.
  4. We make your custom footwear using methods such as computerized manufacturing, handcrafting, meld, etc.
  5. Delivered to you in 2-3 days.

The resulting custom footwear 🥿 will be designed to provide comfort and support 💪, helping you to alleviate symptoms and prevent further damage 🛑.

Semi Customization

Semi customization is suitable for most people. To buy semi custom made  footwear; Browse through our collection of readymade models with addons such as arch support, heel support, etc. 

Customize Your Footwear with Addons

Our team has experience working with a variety of conditions such as flat feet 🦶, bunions 👣, hammertoes 👣, and plantar fasciitis 🦶, and we also specialize in the creation of diabetic footwear 🩹 to provide extra cushioning and support to those at an increased risk for foot problems.