Benefits of choosing custom footwear

  1. 👌 Perfect Fit: Tailored precisely to your measurements for ultimate comfort.
  2. 💪 Enhanced Performance: Provides the right support and stability, improving posture and reducing fatigue.
  3. 🩹 Injury Prevention: Reduces the risk of strains and sprains by addressing biomechanical issues.
  4. 🎨 Personalized Style: Reflects your individuality with unique colors, patterns, and details.
  5. 👣 Specialized Needs: Accommodates specific foot conditions like flat feet or high arches.

Semi Customisation

Recommended for the majority, comprehensive online process.

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    1. Pick a base model

    Explore our selection of readymade base models for easy setup.

  • 2. Select your Pain Points

    Based on your pain points, we'll customize your footwear.

  • 3. Select a Insole Type

    Choose from 4 available insoles: MCR, MCP, Poron, and Perforated.

  • 4. Foot Measurements

    Refer to the measurement guide and measure your feet in centimeter.

  • 5. Uploads

    Capture images of your feet in specified view angles and upload them.

Full Customisation

Two options available for Full Customisation: Online Process or in-store visit for 3D foot scanner tech.

  • image_foot_impression_foam_box

    1. Order Foam Box

    Request a foam mold kit to be sent to your home.

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  • image_foot_impression_on_foam_box

    2. Get foot Impressions

    Watch the video on how to get feet impression.

    Watch video 
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    3. Send us back the Foam box

    Simply ship the mold back to us after impressions are made.

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    4. Order Custom Footwear

    Customize your footwear to match your comfort perfectly. Choose from a variety of base models and colors.

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    5. Delivery in 6-7 days

    Once we have your foam impressions, expect your customised product to arrive within 6-7 days.

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    Step into our store for a thorough 3D scan of your feet, ensuring the perfect fit every time.

    • Utilize our cutting-edge foot scanning machine available exclusively in our store.
    • Experience superior accuracy and efficiency in capturing foot data.
    • Ideal for those seeking advanced technology for custom footwear.