Baby's club foot

Baby's club foot

Club foot / Congenital talipes Equino varus (CTEV)

It is commonest congenital foot abnormality it occurs once in every 1000 live births.


It may be

  • Idiopathic clubfoot
  • Secondary clubfoot

Correction of clubfoot

a)CTEV splints

These are splints made of plastic moulded in such way that when tied with straps, it keeps a corrected position.

 b)Dennis -Brown splint (DB splint):

This is a splint to hold the foot in the correct position. It is used throughout the day before the child starts walking. Once he starts walking, a DB splint is used at night, and CTEV shoes during the day.

 c) CTEV shoes:

These are modified shoes, used a once a child starts walking. The following modifications are made in shoe.

a)straight inner border to prevent forefoot adduction.



J. Maheshwari. Essential of Orthopedics


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