6 Painful Problems Caused by your wrong footwear

6 Painful Problems Caused by your wrong footwear

Your feet play a vital role in every part of your life. It works hard and is often the most ignored part of your body.. Shoes protect your feet from cuts, extreme temperatures, and burns. It protects you in every movement of your life. But many adults are wearing shoes that are not appropriate for their foot shape and size and it may lead to many types of foot problems. So if you wear the right shoe it allows you to move happily and make you smile on every walk of your life. Here I listed the most common problems you may get while using ill-fitting footwear.

Ingrown Toenails
It usually occurs when you use shoes that are too tight in the toe box. It doesn't allow your nails to grow. So, toenail actually grows into the skin that surrounds your nail bed. It causes inflammation, swelling, and tenderness.
To avoid ingrown nails, choose the right shoes with a wide toe box & trim your nails straight across with toenail clippers.


Blisters are like tiny bubbles on the skin filled with clear serum. It is usually caused by friction and ill-fitted footwear rubbing against your toenail or heel, among other parts of the feet.
Blisters can get infected, it’s important to clean and bandage blisters immediately.

A corn is a type of callus and one of the most painful, common foot problems. It develops when tight shoes put constant pressure on the skin.

Heel pain
If you experience severe heel pain in the morning ,plantar fasciitis may be to blame. Patients indicate that the first steps they take upon waking up hurt the most. It can be triggered by flat feet or by physical activities that place too much stress on their heels, such as training for a marathon. Wearing ill-fitting shoes that don’t match your feet will exacerbate your heel pain.

Bunions are the bumps that form at the bottom of your big toe. This inflammation might seem like a sore muscle, but it’s actually a misaligned joint. Patients with bunions will find it painful to move their big toe. Always stretch your toes, avoid narrow or pointy shoes and flip-flops .Use bunion corrector for pain relief.

Hammertoe is a condition that causes the joints in the second, third, fourth, or fifth toe to bend abnormally. It will rub up against the shoe surface and cause pain. In the early stages, hammertoes are fairly easy to treat. Some patients can effectively alleviate the symptoms by switching to a more comfortable footwear with a wide toe box., wearing toe splints, and applying ice to the affected area.

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