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Foot Impression Foam Box for Custom Made Footwear And Insole

Foot Impression Foam Box for Custom Made Footwear And Insole

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foot impression boxes are lightweight, easy to use and the quickest method of creating an accurate impression. The patient simply places their foot on foam and presses down, in a neutral or weight-bearing position as required. 

How to properly cast a patient using a foam impression box for custom diabetic insoles and footwear are important because it allows us at Anodyne to make the best possible inserts to pair with our Orthopedic and diabetic footwear for you. Below is a step by step breakdown, on how to take foot impressions for fitting custom orthotic insoles. 

Step 1:

Make the patient seated in a chair, towards the front edge of the chair. Make sure they’re sitting at a 90-degree angle. Additionally, make sure the patient’s shoes are removed.

Step 2:

Open the impression foam box, and place the patient’s first foot onto the foam. Before you apply any pressure, make sure the patient’s foot is in the center of the foam.

Step 3:

With the foot centered on the foam, apply pressure to the top of the knee and dorsum of the foot, and push the foot into the impression foam. Once the foot is pushed in, use your fingers to push down the patient’s toes so the heel and metatarsal heads are at the same level.

Step 4:

Carefully remove the patient’s foot and repeat Steps 2-3 for the other foot

Step 5:

Visually inspect the impressions for both feet to determine you have the proper depth. If there are any special accommodations, offloards, met pads, metbars, etc., Let us know while ordering custom orthotics

Step 6:

Complete the Custom footwear or insole order form, and add any other pertinent information you’d like our team here to know. Courier the foam box back to our adderss.

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