Happywalk Online Retails Private Limited

We are a Coimbatore-based startup, run by co-founders Gunasekar Selvaraj & Priyanga Devi. Here's our story on how we started HappyWalk India.

I tried to find a solution for my father when he was suffering from leg pain. That's when I found out that it was not just me; Many people are suffering from the same thing and they are really desperate for relief from pain. At that time I bought a normal MCR slipper and he tried it out. Surprisingly, it gave good results; He started walking happily without any pain. So we wanted to see this happiness in every person who is suffering from foot pain. - Priyanga Devi

The feet are the foundation of our bodies, and they're crucial to every movement of a person. If your foot hurts, it's affecting your entire life. We help you enjoy every step, every walk, by preventing foot pain or by providing foot pain relief for any foot condition.

We sell footwear, insoles and orthotics for your foot pain. For every single type of foot pain we have collections of footwear at very affordable prices. If you find difficulty in finding out your foot problem, don't worry, we provide online doctor consultation, so anyone can easily find their actual foot problem anywhere.

  • Why Orthopedic footwear?

    It is specifically designed to comfort, prevent and relieve pain in your 👣 feet.

  • Medically advised by Podiatrists

    Browse through our carefully curated collection of orthopedic footwear by medical professionals. If you need any help, click here to 🧑‍⚕️consult our experts.