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Add-On Flatfoot Arch Support

Add-On Flatfoot Arch Support

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For painful flatfeet, a health care provider might suggest Arch supports (orthotic device).

Arch supports can help relieve the pain caused by flatfeet.

Arch support helps keep your feet and ankles in the correct alignment.

Helps to absorb shock and distribute weight when you stand, walk, and perform physical activity

  1. Comfort — If you’re dealing with sore feet, especially if you have a physical job, orthotics can help decrease aches and pains that can affect people with low arches.
  2. Increased energy — Proper arch support means a more natural foot motion and less wasted energy, giving you more energy back with every step. 
  3. Addressed misalignments — People with flat feet tend to be prone to issues like overpronation that can increase the strain on the feet. Arch support can help. 
  4. Reduced risk of injury — Flat feet can potentially lead to related problems like ankle pain and hip pain. By properly supporting the arches, stress on these and other areas can be reduced. 


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