Learn more about Foot deformities

Learn more about Foot deformities

Foot deformities

Foot deformities are a heterogenous group of congenital and acquired conditions involving structural abnormalities or muscular imbalances that affect the foot's function.


 Causes of Foot deformities 

  • Misalignments (wrong positions of bones)
  • Either present in birth or develop over time
  • The abnormal strain on the foot or wearing tight shoes.

 Types of foot deformities

Equinus- (derived from “equine” ie. horse who walks on toes). This is a deformity where the foot is fixed in Plantar flexion.

Calcaneus: (reverse of equinus)

This is a deformity where the foot is flexed in “dorsiflexion”.

Varus- the foot is inverted and adducted at mid-tarsal joints. So that sole faces inwards.

Valgus- The foot is everted and abducted at mid-tarsal joints so that the sole is faced outwards.

Cavus- The longitudinal arch of the foot is exaggerated.

Planus- The longitudinal arch is flattened.

Splay- The transverse arch is flattened.

Methods of correction of deformity:

  1. Nonoperative method
  2. Operative method


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