How to prevent amputation for diabetic people?

How to prevent amputation for diabetic people?

Throughout the world, it’s estimated that every 30 seconds one leg is amputated due to diabetes. So it's very important to care your foot to avoid amputation for diabetic people. 

You can easily prevent complications of diabetes and foot ulcers. Have to follow a healthy diet, regular exercise, blood sugar monitoring and adherence to a prescribed medication regimen.

Proper foot care is extremely important to avoid complications.

Check your feet everyday: Examine your feet regularly for cuts, cracks, blisters, sores, swelling, redness, thick calluses, different colors a sign of a problem with your blood supply, ingrown toenails. Ask another person’s help to examine areas of the foot that are harder to see.

Wash your feet regularly: Wash your feet once a day by using lukewarm water and dry them properly. Use moisturizing cream to avoid dryness of the feet. Because dry skin causes foot cracks.
Use proper footwear: Avoid tight fitting shoes and high heels which damage your foot. Use supportive footwear with cushioning soles and arch support.
Don’t go barefoot: To prevent injury to your feet, use footwear everywhere. Use a separate footwear for indoor use.

Wear clean dry socks: Wear good cotton socks to absorb moisture properly. Avoid socks with tight elastic bands that reduce circulation or socks with seams that could irritate your skin.
Don't smoke: Smoking impairs circulation and reduces the amount of oxygen in your blood. These circulatory problems can result in more-severe wounds and poor healing.
Schedule regular foot checkups:  Your doctor or podiatrist can inspect your feet for early signs of nerve damage, poor circulation or other foot problems. Schedule foot exams at least once a year or more often if recommended by your doctor.

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