Here some tips to care your foot

Here some tips to care your foot

Dear feet! Undoubtedly, one question rise in our mind, yeah!! Why and what is that important to take care of our feet. In this blog, I share the importance and how to care for feet.

Why we need to care our feet?

Our feet contain 26 bones and 33 joints it supports your total body weight and allows you to walk, jump, dance, stand, etc. The feet contribute to the alignment of our skeletal system so, kept it strong, healthy, and comfortable.

What are the foot problems faced in our daily life?

Micro-survey says that 90% of people are born with proper feet but, in the adult stage only feet deformation happens. Improper care of the feet leads to fungus infections, blisters, bunions, corn and calluses, foot cramps, foot strain, ingrown toenail, etc.,.

Care your feet

Here are a few tips that keep your feet healthy and minimize foot-related problems.

  • Wear premium cotton socks that absorbs moisture and use a pair of socks per day.

  • If the shoe gets wet it cause fungal growth. So, keep your pairs in dry condition and clean it well.

  • Avoid ingrown toenails, your nail should not be higher than the toes so, clip your nails properly.

  • Use quality shoes. It should be more comfortable with flexibility and use shoes which is perfect fit for your feet.

  • Select a cushioned sole and breathable materials for walking with comfort and high durability.

  • Say no to high heels and tight shoes. It causes foot pain.

In addition to that, wash your feet and change socks every day. Then keep your feet clean and dry. Maintain your shoe clean and tidy.

“ Keep your feet happy in every walks of life ”

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