Which one is yours? (foot arch type)

Which one is yours? (foot arch type)

How to find your foot arch type?

Did you hear about the type of foot arches? Did you know about flat feet? Yes, in India 20-25% of the people have flat feet. If you have flat feet or a high arch it will affect your whole body mechanics and leads to pains like plantar fasciitis, arch pain etc. So it's very important to know your foot arch type. Try this simple wet test.

Foot arch test

All you need is some water in the pan and cardboard/ brown paper.

Take some water in a shallow pan. Dip your foot in the water to cover at least the bottom of your foot. Then take your foot carefully from the pan and place it on a cardboard/ brown paper. Be sure to put your weight on it. And then remove your foot from the cardboard and take a photo for reference.

Flat foot

If your complete footprint is in cardboard, then you probably have a flat foot. So, when you stand or walk your entire foot touches the floor.  You may experience foot pain, particularly in the heel or arch area. Also, it may affect the other parts of a body like the knees and back. Using arch-supported footwear/ insoles reduces your risk.

Normal arch

If your middle portion of the arch is half-filled, wow you have a perfect arch. Your arch can support all the weight and pressure to be evenly distributed across the foot and supports your body.

High arch

If your middle portion of the foot is empty or a little bit filled you may have a high arch. Like flat arches, the high arches also don’t support your body weight to evenly distribute. Your full body weight goes to the heel or ball of your foot. You need proper arch-support footwear or insole to solve this.

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